Pro’s and Cons to Timber Decking

Despite the competitive nature of materials in the decking world, timber material tends to be leading out of all other decking options; plastic and aluminium materials. However, being in a world of imperfections, timber decking has its drawbacks too. This piece of article will take you through the different pros and cons of a timber decking.

Pros of Timber Decking

The following are the advantages of timber decking.

  • There exist several timbers suitable for the establishment of your deck, including softwoods, the Australian and imported hardwoods. The decking options, especially the softwoods, are budget-friendly as compared to other decking materials.
  • Timber material has a fascinating sense of sight, unlike plastic and aluminum decking options. It gives your home or gardens natural warmth, which becomes useful during barbecue or meditation times during the summer season. Imported hardwoods are the most popular ones, specifically the Merbau, which most people prefer in their homes and gardens. 
  • Timber decking can also be customized in multiple textures and styles as per the customer’s preferences.
  • Cedar and pressure-treated wood, some examples of timber, have cheaper and affordable labor costs. They also have an easier time during the installation process.
  • Timber decking is a material with high flexibility. It consists of different forms and can easily be modified to various structures and layouts.
  • Timber material composes of different options. Its options like hardwood decking require less maintenance and have an increased lifespan of at least 40 years.

Cons of Timber Decking

It is vital to familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of timber decking, as explained below.

  • Timber decking, especially a cheaper decking option, has a short lifespan and requires high maintenance. Softwoods such as pines warp up so fast, resulting in splitting damages. 
  • Cheap is expensive. Timber requires annual renovation and supervision, which makes it very costly. Due to unpredictable weather conditions, the decking board results in stains, this lowers the decking material value.
  • All timbers require sanding and oiling to improve its appearance and durability.
  • Despite its renewable nature, timber material comes from cutting down trees, a discouraged practice on the environment.
  • The high-quality type of hardwood decking is costly and has a large scale labor cost during installation and maintenance. 
  • Timber decking is not quite suitable in a garden or where there are several water plants. Leaching may occur during ground-level installation. 

Final Thoughts on Pros and Cons of Timber Decking

Every decking option has its advantages and disadvantages. Different factors, such as price, level of maintenance, and climatic conditions of your locality, will help you decide the right timber decking material for your home or garden. If you are in Queensland and looking for premium deck builder Cairns, we recommend Cairns Decking Specialists.